The Recovering Languages and Literacies of the Americas initiative will provide scholars who study endangered languages of North America, South America, and Central America an opportunity to publish indigenous language grammars and dictionaries, literacy studies, ethnographies, and other linguistic monographs through the three participating presses. The grant will aid in the publication of twenty-seven books—nine from each press—over three years. The three university presses involved in the Recovering Languages and Literacies in the Americas initiative hope to accomplish the following objectives:

  • attract junior scholars to the fields of linguistics and indigenous studies;
  • develop more efficient ways of producing traditionally expensive linguistic monographs; and
  • reach a wider audience with the books published through the initiative, creating an increased demand for linguistic monographs that continues even after the grant support ends.

The first books published through the initiative are slated for release in early 2012. Specific titles and publication dates will be announced in the future.


About the University of Nebraska Press

Founded in 1941, the University of Nebraska Press (UNP) is a nonprofit scholarly and general interest press that publishes 160 new and reprint titles annually under the Nebraska and Bison Books imprints, respectively, along with 20 journals. As the largest and most diversified university press between Chicago and California, with nearly 3,000 books in print, the University of Nebraska Press is best known for publishing works in Indigenous studies, history and literature of the American West, translated literature, and sports history.


About the University of Oklahoma Press

During its more than eighty years of continuous operation, the University of Oklahoma Press has gained international recognition as a publisher of outstanding scholarship. It was the first university press established in the Southwest, and has become a preeminent publisher of books on Native Americans and the history of the American West. Over time the OU Press has expanded its publishing program into other scholarly disciplines, including classical studies, military history, Latin American studies, and art and photography of the American West.


About the University of Texas Press

The University of Texas Press, founded in 1950, is an integral part of the Texas system of higher education. Its mission is to advance and disseminate knowledge through the publication of books and journals and through electronic media. Known for its strengths in Latin American and Pre-Columbian studies, cinema studies, classics, regional studies, photography, and the studies of language, the Press also has a broad language program that includes interpretations and exegeses of literatures, cultural studies of language, applied language texts, and codex studies. In addition to publishing the results of original research for scholars and students, the Press publishes books of more general interest for a wider public.